• There's a big difference between having a vision, and getting it done.


    As technology enables us to all be more connected, we believe there is a great opportunity to share ideas and scale progress through storytelling. But in today’s world, where almost 3 billion pieces of content are being created every day, how do you differentiate?


    We’ve designed a solution which is:

    • centered on your vision,

    • driven by connected ecosystems,

    • & powered by fast, real storytelling

    so you can attract more customers, inspire employees and grow your business.


    Because Visionaries need more Visibility.

  • Services

    Vision Strategy & Storytelling

    Ecosystem Strategy

    Connect with Partners

    Strategic Communications

    Share your Story

    Vision Strategy

    Grow your Business

  • Who you will be working with:

    Yasmine Khater

    Founding Partner


    A fearless sales strategist, speaker and business and marketing strategist, she has helped organisations expand into Egypt and the Middle East. Expert in transformative business, she was recruited to lay the framework for a Fortune 500 company’s buy out of GE Plastics.



    Johannes Polstra

    Founding Partner


    With over 40 years of experience in Food Sales, Marketing and Distribution in Asia, USA & Europe, Hans has successfully operated SME companies in USA , Asia, Netherlands and Switzerland.



    Stephanie Arrowsmith

    Founding Partner


    Works without boundaries, bridging ecosystems to deliver stronger social impact and business value; turning innovative visions into action. Her passion is designing purpose-driven partnerships, which transform the way we do business.


    LinkedIn - Twitter.

    Jacqui Hocking

    Founding Partner


    A documentary filmmaker turned business woman, she works as a cross-skilled storyteller & strategist to scale inspiring business-solutions. Her passion is discovering visionary ideas and sharing them with the world.


    LinkedIn - Twitter.

    Wei Lee Yap


    A Sociology undergraduate who is particularly interested in social justice and sustainability of our planet. Passionate about the arts, she has dreams of using films as a medium to empower the marginalised and eventually unite people across the globe.

    Ade (Ori) Ansori


    A passionate filmmaker, graphic designer and visual storyteller based in Jakarta, Indonesia. In his spare time he loves to support inspiring causes with Video content, such as Taman Bacaan Pelangi, a non-profit organisation focusing on establishing children's libraries.

    Rachel Quek Siew Yean


    A National Geographic Young Explorer constantly on the hunt for stories in Southeast Asia. She believes that compassionate storytelling has the power
    to inspire self-reflection and empower people towards positive social action.

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  • "I believe in the power of daring ideas, effective collaboration and passionate people to make them happen."

    - Stephanie Arrowsmith, Founding Partner

    From Singapore to Jakarta, Australia to Europe.

    We work all over the world, to help you stay connected with global Visionaries & upcoming trends.

    "I believe business changes the world and this is my way of contributing."

    - Yasmine Khater, Founding Partner

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