• About Us



    Coral Storylab is an award-winning storytelling company and Women-Owned Business. As a certified B Corporation, we believe that business can be used as a force for good—that good businesses and organisations can be the solution, and not the cause, to systemic environmental and social crises across the world.


    The solutions to all the world’s problems already exist, but visionaries need more visibility.


    At Coral Storylab, we empower people and brands to tell their stories. Through strategic storytelling, filmmaking and animation, we help visionaries to not only highlight their good work and impact, but also to inspire partners, consumers, employees and their wider ecosystem to follow in their footsteps, to embark on their respective journeys toward becoming “forces for good”. By amplifying these voices, we hope to play our part in cultivating a growing generation of change-makers.

  • Why Coral?

    A coral isn’t a singular organism, but rather a collective of hundreds to thousands of polyps.

    Coral signifies the coming together of people, of change-makers all over the world, brought together in a united mission to create impact.

    Coral is also a safe harbour for life in and around itself, creating space for the stories of employees, clients, stakeholders—giving voice to the ecosystem of good.

  • Our Team



    Jacqui Hocking

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder


    Sara Kanematsu

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)


    Victoria Sim

    Chief Experience Officer (CXO)



    Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)


    Mathias Ooi

    Project Manager


    Vanessa Teo

    Project Manager


    Palani Thanapalan

    Senior Creative


    Irene Sánchez-Prieto

    Senior Creative


    Tauhid Athanikar

    Impact Researcher


    Irwinta Septiani

    General Manager


    Ade Ansori

    Senior Creative


    Indah Sari Ratu



  • Our Impact Goal

    A world without exploitation of our natural resources or humankind.

    By nurturing a renewed economic system — which gifts more to the world than it extracts.

    Our Impact Focus

  • What We Do

    Vision Strategy

    Strategic Communications and having a clear and inspiring Vision is critical to engage your team and stakeholders. Through our storytelling workshops and strategic advisory, we integrate impact into your brand story so your can scale your impact.

    Video Storytelling

    Story-crafting, filming & post-production; harnessing the power of authentic storytelling to bring your impact to life.

    Visual Media

    Creating a cohesive brand identity through engaging visual assets and design collaterals to amplify your impact.

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