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Paypal's value proposition hinges on its ability to constantly innovate and generate patents

When we think of Paypal, we only understand one thing : it is a cross-border platform to send and receive money with our e-mail addresses.

Paypal is so much more than this.

Behind the scene of the fintech company is an agile team of visionaries, innovators, and disciplinarians - constantly churning, investigating, testing new ideas and applying for patents to maintain the company's competitive advantage.


How do we encourage Paypalians to turn their ideas into reality? How do we present to stakeholders, clients, customers, and partners their potential value beyond what readily meets the eyes?

We launched a series of dynamic and engaging short video stories on Paypal Innovation Labs, spread across five Paypal Offices all over the world to foster the culture of experiment and innovation.

We selected and interviewed Paypalians who are constantly building and fostering the culture of innovation through events, gamification, team bonding, snacks and brainstorming, cool projects such as an internal blockchain tokens and reward system.

It was pandemic time, so we had to innovate on our storytelling techniques as well

We had never done it before. Yet we successfully pulled off cross-country-zoom-interviews and solicitation of B-rolls to create our video stories. Our interviews were unscripted : instead of putting words into the mouths of our characters, we extracted and refined stories out of what they naturally had to say.

Greg Vannoni from Scottsdale office speaks about Paypal's ideation to patent process from the comfort of his bedroom!

We also launched an innovation-themed podcast series for the audience at large

Listen HERE. Available both on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

We wrote script, drafted questions, and helped supervise the interviews with Asia-based innovators. We discussed a range of thought-provoking topics such as learning-to-fail-better in tech startups, using data to measure innovation, covid-economy outlook, ways to improve companies' sustainability efforts and many more.

Our goal is to educate, inform, and spark ideas so that the average listeners get inspired to jump onto the innovation bandwagon.

Everyone can innovate. Yes you and me included

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