• About Us

    ​VS Story is an award-winning Vision Strategy & Storytelling Company, working within Redhill – a global full-service 360 communications & PR firm.


    With world-leading experts specialized in both internal communications and external stakeholder engagement, VS Story helps turn employees and customers into loyal brand ambassadors; inspiring your community and scaling your impact.


    With strategic and creative teams all over the world, we would love to hear from you to capture the authentic story behind your brand purpose.


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  • Our Passion and Craft

     Strategy Storytelling Video Photography Design  Writing Digital Marketing Web Development

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    Vision Strategy


    Strategic communications and having a clear and inspiring Vision is critical to engage your team and stakeholders. Through our storytelling workshops and strategic advisory, we integrate purpose into your brand story so you get the visibility you need to scale impact.

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    Visual Storytelling

    Video & Photog

    Authentic Photography & Video Storytelling continues to be a powerful way to drive traffic, awareness, and growth. Through our team of creatives specialised in filming & post-production; we harness the power of documentary style storytelling to bring your impact to life.

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    Brand Design

    & Animation

    Visual Design is a powerful form of communication, to share a message with the world. From turning dull graphics and reports into inspiring stories; or transforming visionary ideas into full brand identities. Our graphics and animation teams craft engaging visual assets and design collaterals to spark imagination. Request for our case studies or get started!

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    & Research

    Our Writing and Research services include content creation, book publishing, reports, writing on behalf of senior leadership, and translations into local languages. Backed up by our researchers & experts, we have a deep understanding of engagement, brand voice, and authentic messaging to convey messages with clarity and impact

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    Web Development

    & Metaverse Sites

    Our web team encompasses a broad range of skills — from user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX) design, and full-stack front-end and back-end development with various coding languages; for responsive designs that are optimized for different devices and browsers. We also help you understand your website's carbon footprint; and offer efficient ways to reduce your climate impact from your website and apps.

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    Purpose-Driven Digital Marketing

    & Community Building

    Our Digital team leverages online platforms and channels to promote and amplify your mission, values, and social impact. The team utilizes various digital marketing techniques, such as content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing, to reach and engage with target audiences; enabling purpose-driven brands to tell their stories, educate and inspire their internal staff or wider community, fostering long-term brand loyalty and trust. Request for our case studies or get started!

  • Our Impact Goal

    A world without exploitation of our natural resources or humankind.

    By nurturing a renewed economic system — which gifts more to the world than it extracts.

    Our Impact Focus

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  • Our work

    Food Waste Solutions


    Building Social Entrepreneurship in Myanmar


    The Island Foundation

    The Island Foundation

    Recruitment Story

    Vena Energy

    The Story Behind COOP


    The Story Behind COOP


  • Our team with a unique mix of filmmaking, marketing strategy, sustainability, design & documentary storytelling, the VSStory team has the experience, partnerships & networks in countries across Southeast Asia & beyond.

  • Our vision is a world where every visionary

    is able to share their story

    so we can scale solutions and nurture systems to change