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Goodness of AQUA


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As the oldest bottled-water producer in Indonesia, Danone-AQUA is committed to provide healthy hydration following a sustainable business model

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From building and advocating for circular plastic economy, to water source renewal, to community's economic empowerment initiatives, to the welfare protection of their staff, AQUA goes above and beyond to stay committed to GOODNESS.

Most people do not know AQUA is a champion for environmental and social justice issues.

We came up with a series of short video stories, photographies, and articles to be published on AQUA's many social media channels including youtube, facebook, instagram and linkedin.  

We told the stories of AQUA's top sustainable projects, such as their involvement in PRO (Packaging Recovery Organization) to combat plastic waste, installing solar panels on many of their factories, and launching sustainable clothing lines made out of recycled plastic with H&M.


We also launched a campaign called #CeritaAqua and/or #HumansofAqua, narrating real stories of AQUA's staff and community members whose lives have improved with the support of the water company.

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We created a curation of media assets both in Indonesian and in English, readily modifiable to suit any social media platform, website, or corporate presentation.

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AQUA has trusted us to tell their goodness stories over the past few years. Together, we had pushed for the multinational company to adopt the BCorporation certification, which means they meet the highest standards of environmental and social performance.

AQUA proves that multinationals can galvanise national leaders and communities to take action and inspire change. We are proud to tell their stories.